The Town of Kenansville is governed by a Manager / Board of Commissioners form of Government.

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Town Manager

The Town of Kenansville operates under the Council-Manager form of government, consistent with NC General Statute 160A-147, Part 2. Under this structure, the Board of Commissioners sets policy and selects the Chief Administrative Officer, the Town Manager. In accordance with the Council-Manager form of government, the Town Manager implements the policies and priorities established by the Board of Commissioners. The Town Manager is the administrative head of the town government and is responsible for the administration of all departments of the town government. The Town Manager is responsible for appointing and suspending or removing all Town officers and employees in accordance with such general personnel rules, regulations, policies, or ordinances as the Board of Commissioners adopts, directing and supervising the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the Town, according to policies and direction set by the Board of Commissioners, attending all meetings of the Board of Commissioners and recommending any measures deemed expedient, ensuring that all laws of the State, the Town Charter, and the ordinances, resolutions, and regulations of the Board of Commissioners are faithfully executed within the Town, preparing and submitting the annual budget and capital program to the Board of Commissioners, along with the Finance Officer, annually submitting to the Board of Commissioners and making available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Town at the end of the fiscal year, making any other reports that the Board of Commissioners may require concerning the operations of Town departments, offices, and areas subject to his direction and control, and performing any other duties that may be required or authorized by the Board of Commissioners.

Finance Officer

The Finance Department monitors the Town expenditures and revenues, payroll, purchasing, contracts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, required reporting and capital improvement projects. The Finance Officer is responsible for annually and on a monthly basis submitting to the Board of Commissioners and making available to the public a complete report on the finances and financial activities of the Town at the end of the fiscal year. The Finance Officers also prepares pertinent policies as it relates to finance and submits them to the Town Manager and the Board of Commissioners for approval. The Finance Officer prepares all financial documentation for our annual audit.

Town/Utility Clerk

The Town/Utility Clerk’s primary functions are as Custodian of Records and Clerk to the Board of Commissioners including, but not limited to preparing minutes and agendas for the Board of Commissioners, managing public records, preserve historical information about the Town, hold, periodically codify, and update the Town’s Code of Ordinances, oversees the utilities collections and billing program for the Town and promotes customer understanding of Town operations that enhances the quality of life for all citizens.

Town Board & Officials

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Steve Williamson

Mayor Pro Tem
Milta King

Kirk Bell

Bret Brown

Eddie Hobbs

Linda Tyson

Planning Board
Josh Norwood

Planning Board
Elwood Garner

Planning Board – ETJ
Whit Jones

Planning Board
Craig Craft, Chairman

Planning Board
Wanda Clay

Planning Board
Billy Knowles, Vice Chairman

Marcus Mobley, Police Chief

Public Works
Garry Benson, Director

Town Finance Officer
Anna West
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Town Clerk
Keren Velasquez

Town Manager